Growing up with major trauma and abuse meant that the majority of my energy was spent just trying to survive, and hold more pain than I have words to describe. I have always been a sensitive person, emotionally, physically, heck even my skin is super sensitive (so many allergies). But for the better part of my life my sensitivity, so I was told, was the cause of my ill-treatment, my suffering, my struggles. I have spent thousands of hours on healing my trauma, breaking out of the cycle of abuse, unlearning thought patterns, relearning to walk, see, feel and move about my life with something I never had before: me. I could never speak using my own voice (so to speak), it was always the words they wanted to hear, or the things I thought would keep me safe, less hurt, less neglected. I never stood on my own feet and told someone I was angry with them when they crossed my boundaries. Hell, not only was I taught I wasn’t allowed to feel anger but I was also taught I could not have boundaries, that I was less important, less worthy than everyone else around me.

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  1. You are a gift to all that get to share in your presence, and get to connect with you here on your platform! I’m glad your with someone who makes you feel that way too! You are SO special. (I hope your mind changes on that one.) ?

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