Finding Comfort in Chaos

So, imagine this is your new normal, how are your needs being met now, in this new way? How can you balance taking care of your mental, emotional, spiritual and social health with social distancing (or physical distancing). He suggested I make a list of things for each of these areas where I feel my best. For example, under physical I have things like yoga, walks (sunshine!), cardio, resistance training, keeping a healthy relationship with food-so checking any food shaming or body shaming I may have coming up in my brain, eat to nourish, drink water, and listening to my body. The thing with a lot of this is that taking care of ourselves is likely going to look much different now than it did, and that’s okay. Netflix has this new feature called Netflix party where you can watch with friends (I dont know details of it, you may have to google it), maybe call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, video chat, start some sort of writing project where you email your stories back and forth, have coffee via video chat, get creative, find some way to connect to your community because that’s so vital!

Notice if other people’s fear is getting to you. When you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed: have you been on Facebook a lot? We don’t always notice just how much we may be digesting by just scrolling through Facebook, but if all we are seeing on there is fear-based things maybe delete the app for now, or put your phone down and come back to noticing your body, your feet on the ground, the sounds around you. Remember a time in the last few months where you felt loved and like your true self, or surrounded by support and community. Maybe it was a day at work, maybe it was a party or a really good conversation with a friend. Can you remember where you were? What time of day was it? Picture where your friend was in comparison to you, or where you were in the room. Was there a smell? Were you eating or drinking? What sounds were you hearing, what types of things were you feeling? Try it! It can feel really nice to just take five minutes to remember these moments and the cool thing is if you’re bringing in a few different senses, often your brain doesn’t know the difference between it happening for real, or you remembering it.

What does your space look like? How does your space make you feel? Can you carve out a little corner, or more where you feel calm or feel like its yours. Maybe you put up pictures, or put some of your favourite things there. If you have things all over your walls that bring up bad feels-like pictures from your ex, or what-not, maybe consider putting them away for the time being so that your home feels as yours, comfortable and comforting as possible.

Those are my best suggestions for you right now, please let me know if you’d like more of this type of thing, or any help with yoga stuff or anything at all. Reach out if you need support of any kind. I will say as I’m writing these out and am actively practising these myself. I just started my lists last night, am considering re-organizing my room.

I, like a lot of you, have applied for EI and am re-writing what my day to day looks like. I would love to connect with you: comment and let me know the things that you are doing to help yourself feel more grounded, or feel like your needs are still being met.

If you feel like you are able to support this project financially or want to show your appreciation in a financial way (there’s no pressure at all) head over here:

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart for everything you do. If you found this helpful let me know, and maybe pass it along to other people who may need it. I hope that you are able to find some peace today. Sending love.

Bye Bitches (jk you’re not a bitch, my sense of humour might be taking a toll)

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  1. Strangely, my life has barely changed. ME changes your life so much that social isolation is the norm anyway. I’m probably connecting more with friends now than before. What you are all experiencing now is my norm. Take it from one who has lived this fo4 many years, it is survivable.

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